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thirdweb CLI

thirdweb provides an interactive command line interface, allowing you to create, build and deploy your smart contracts and apps.

You can use the thirdweb CLI to create and deploy smart contracts to the Base network.

Visit the thirdweb documentation for more instructions on using the thirdweb CLI.

Creating a project

Create a new project with thirdweb installed and configured:

npx thirdweb create

When you create a project for smart contracts or web3 apps there are various configurable options.

For contracts, some options are:

  • Create a new contract project using Hardhat or Forge
  • Add a new contract to an existing project
  • Start from a audited contract base, and add optional extensions

For contracts, some options are:

  • Front end applications using Next, CRA or Vite
  • Backend applications using Node.js or Express.js
  • Choice of TypeScript or JavaScript variants

Deploying a smart contract

Deploy your smart contracts to the Base network:

npx thirdweb deploy

To deploy to the Base network, after running npx thirdweb deploy, visit the provided dashboard URL and select Base from the Network dropdown.


For a complete guide on using the thirdweb CLI to create and deploy contracts on Base, see Deploy a smart contract on Base testnet.

Publishing a smart contract

Publish and share a versioned release of your contract onto thirdweb’s registry:

npx thirdweb publish