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Axelar is an interchain platform that connects blockchains to enable universal web3 transactions. By integrating with Axelar, applications built on Base can now easily send messages and assets between the 49+ blockchains connected via Axelar.

To learn more about Axelar visit our docs. For complete end-to-end examples demonstrating various Axelar usecases please visit the available code examples

Supported Networks


To view current transactions and live stats about the Axelar network please visit the Axelarscan block explorer


LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol that enables cross-chain messaging. Applications built on Base can use the LayerZero protocol to connect to 35+ supported blockchains seamlessly.

To get started with integrating LayerZero, visit the LayerZero documentation and provided examples on GitHub

Supported Networks


Wormhole is a generic messaging protocol that provides secure communication between blockchains.

By integrating Wormhole, a Base application can access users and liquidity on > 30 chains and > 7 different platforms.

See this quickstart to get started with integrating Wormhole in your Base project.

For more information on integrating Wormhole, visit their documentation and provided GitHub examples.

Supported Networks