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Overview of Connecting to the Blockchain

These guides show you how to connect your frontend to the blockchain using JSON RPC blockchain providers, and the RainbowKit, wagmi, and viem stack.


By the end of these guides, you should be able to:

Blockchain Providers

  • Compare and contrast public providers vs. vendor providers vs. wallet providers
  • Select the appropriate provider for several use cases

Connecting with a Provider

  • Set up a provider in wagmi and use it to connect a wallet
  • Protect API keys that will be exposed to the front end


1. Be familiar with modern, frontend web development

In this guide, we'll be working with a React frontend built with Next.js. While you don't need to be an expert, we'll assume that you're comfortable with the basics.

2. Possess a general understanding of the EVM and smart contract development

These guides assume that you're reasonably comfortable writing basic smart contracts. If you're just getting started, jump over to our Basecamp guides and start learning!